Donovan® Brand DuraPull™ Tarping Systems

Easy to install, easy to operate and easy to maintain! The DuraPull™ is a semiautomatic pull tarp system engineered to be both rugged and reliable. Installation is made easy as the DuraPull™ comes out of the box fully assembled. Simply mount the assembled tarp housing, slide the tarp onto the tarp spool and adjust the spring tension to properly fit your box.

Operation of the DuraPull™ couldn’t be easier! Simply pull the rope and hook the tarp tube at the rear of the box to cover your load. Uncovering your load is even easier when using our spring-loaded tarp spool. It automatically retracts the tarp as the operator slowly releases the rope until the tarp is fully wound underneath the tarp housing.

Over time, tension in the spring can lessen, but again, Donovan™ makes it easy. Don’t hassle with detaching the entire tarp spool to load the spring to increase tension. Instead, simply turn the ratchet located on the side plate of the tarp housing to increase the tarp to the operator’s desired tension.

Key Features

  • 12-Gauge Galvanized Steel Housing
  • Spring-Loaded Tarp Spool
  • Steel Mounting Strip – Standard with Steel Kits
  • Aluminum Mounting Strip – Standard with Aluminum Kits
  • Standard Tarp Guide
  • Tension Ratchet

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