GS-Products 5000series Over Top Load Recycling Body

The 5000series is the most thought-through over top load recycling body built. The GS-Products design team spent countless hours with owners, mechanics, and operators to obtain their thoughts and opinions on what makes a great over top-loading unit. they have taken this information and combined it with their engineering to build what we believe is the most productive unit on the market.

They started with curved shell sidewalls for added strength. Second, their large volume loading bins are located so the operator has easy access to them. Other features include simple to use controls, a 52 degree bin dump angle that ensures bin cleanout, standard LED body and optional work lights. As with all their bodies, the 5000series is designed for maximum legal payloads. Their bodies are built in 18 to 50 yard capacities, with many custom configurations designed in a simple, easy to maintain unit.

  • Curved shell construction for added strength
  • Standard and high capacity flatback loading bins
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Air controls all body functions
  • 52 degree bin dump angle – ensures cleanout
  • 5 degree bin tilt (during lift) – minimizes spills
  • Zero top gap – reduces overhead hazards
  • No-whip, no-spill overhead geometry
  • Available in 18 to 50 yard capacity
  • Single and tandem axle applications
  • 5700 compactor with twin 4” hydraulic cylinders
  • Onboard plastic densifier
  • Adjustable partitions with sliding access doors
  • Up to 7 autolock cart attachments per side
  • Warning and work lights

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