K-PAC KP6R Self-Contained Compactor

K-PAC’s neat, clean appearance, in both the rear loading model and the front loading model, blends attractively with its surroundings. K-PAC’s low 40″ loading height allows even the most petite person can easily use the compactor. Close the lid, insert the key in the Power Pack console, and start the powerful hydraulic system. The packing blade will automatically cycle. Safety features unique to K-PAC are built into the design to prevent the compaction cycle from operating while the loading chamber is open.

Another safety feature is the “Mushroom Stop” button on the Power Pack console, which will immediately stop operation at any point during the cycle. K-PAC’s key-operated system also allows the charge lid to be locked for controlled access and safety.

  • Latching System lid hold down latches for quick driver release when dumping.
  • Compact Weather Proof 3 Phase and/or Single Phase Power Unit (UL Approved).
  • Loading Chamber Lid is spring assisted for ease of opening.
Manufacturer’s Rating 1.00 y3
Ram Face 53″W x 46″H
Clear Top Opening 27.5″ x 53.5″
Loading Height 40″
Ram Penetration 13″
Packing Force Normal 21,900 lbs.
Packing Force Max. 24,700 lbs.
Packing Pressure Normal 1,550 PSI
Packing Pressure Max. 1,750 PSI
Container Capacity 6 y3
Overall Dimensions 140″L x 78″W x61″H
KP6R 6 y3 40″ 75″ 18″ 140″ 102″ 78″ 71″ 61″ 48″ 60″ 2,380 lbs.

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