K-PAC VersaPac Stationary Compactor

Time is money. In the waste-hauling business, that is more true. Every minute counts out on the route. Luckily for you, you can count on the K-PAC™ VersaPac.

The VersaPac is a new breed of compactor that works seamlessly with front-load, rear-load, and roll-off systems. Systems that can be accommodating to sites of any size. This means, when your customer needs change, the container can too, but the VersaPac system won’t.

To save more time (and money), the VersaPac is smart too, smart with industry-leading features!

  • Automatic Latch and Signal Light Systems notifies drivers when the container is locked in place. Front-load drivers, never leave their driver’s seat
  • Retainer Teeth keep trash inside and prevent spillage of the container during the separation of the compactor.
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover prevents spills during loading and transporting the roll-off container.
  • Hydraulic Unlatch-and-Lift System opens the rear door so roll-off drivers can dump a load without getting out of their truck.
  • Quick-Adjust Door Seals make it simple to keep the roll-off container liquid tight.
  • Quick Latch System locks all three types of containers firmly in place and securely under the compactor. No more “walkouts”.
  • Full Light/Alarm (Optional) indicates the user when the container is full.
NSWMA Rating .77 y3
Loading Height 42″ From Ground
Ram Face 46″ x 33.5″
Floor .38 AR Plate
Clear Top Opening 46″ x 33″
Ram Penetration 21.5″ Breaker Bat to Maximum, 11″ Past Retaining Teeth
Packing Force Normal 22,400 lbs.
Packing Force Max. 25,800 lbs.
Packing Pressure Normal 2,300 PSI
Packing Pressure Max. 2,300 PSI
Ram Face Pressure Normal 14.5 lbs./sq. in.
Ram Face Pressure Max. 16.5 lbs./sq. in.
KPV .77 y3 79.5″ 69.5″ 46.5″ 33″ 41.5″ 39.5″ 95″ 42″

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