Air-Weigh BinMaxx Front Loader Scale

Air-Weigh BinMaxx is designed for front end loader garbage trucks. Sensors are mounted to the arms of the vehicle making BinMaxx incredibly durable compared to fork mounted scale systems. BinMaxx increases profitability by providing individual commercial container content weigh, allowing you to easily identify non-profitable commercial accounts.

  • Arm mounted deflection sensors
  • Designed for durability in the refuse environment
  • Language options: English, Spanish, French, and German
  • Temperature compensation, accurate weights from -40 F to 185 F
  • Menu based setup
  • PIN protected calibration
  • Integration with 3rd party onboard software capabilities

  • Measures FEL individual commercial container content weight
  • Menu-based setup with PIN-protectable settings
  • Accuracy is not affected by altitude or humidity
  • Optional printer to record all or selected bin weights
  • Dual point calibration
  • Arm-mounted, weigh-in-motion sensors
  • Weights displayed: lift # and bin weight
  • Backlit digital LCD
  • Weight increment of 20 lbs
  • Operating Temperatures: -40 deg to 85 deg C; -40 deg to + 185 deg F
  • 9-32V dc
  • High precision digital deflection sensors
  • Includes J1939 and serial data interface for connecting to OBC

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