CrewPlex DR10 Communication System (Receiver)

Small and lightweight, the CrewPlex DR10 Wireless Receiver is a cost-effective, listen-only solution for users to stay connected and monitor all conversations. An unlimited amount of receivers can be used in combination with DR10 beltpacks to keep more of your users connected and working together as a team. Users can listen using the built-in speaker or connect an earpiece to listen to the audio privately and discreetly. The CrewPlex DR10 Receiver is compatible with the [CHS-IE-REC] Listen-Only Earpiece and the [CHS-OE-REC] Over the Ear Listen-Only Earpiece.

High-quality audio, excellent range, and ease of use make the CrewPlex DR10 Receiver a perfect solution for groups to stay connected, productive, and safe. In addition, the CrewPlex DR10 Receiver is compatible with the CHS-IE-REC Listen-Only Earpiece and the CHS-OE-REC Over the Ear Listen-Only Earpiece.

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