Curbtender, Inc. HammerPak Automated Side Loader

The HammerPak is named after its patented packing mechanism which features a hammer-like packing panel. The packing panel pivots forward and backward inside a curved hopper, much like the swing of a hammer. With this design, the packer makes a “clean sweep” with every stroke and eliminates the need for a hopper clean-out door. The HammerPak is rated for 700 pounds per cubic yard compaction.

Extending Your Capability

A 12′ reach arm, called the Xtender, comes standard on the HammerPak automated side loader. This simple arm is one of the most robust extended reach arms available on the market. Some arms made by our competitors require major overhauls annually. Whereas, the Xtender arm provides more operating time before service is needed. Need even more durability? Curbtender’s famous “Power Arm” is available on the HammerPak with a lift capacity limited to 850 pounds and a 5-year structural warranty.

Designed for a Lower Cost of Ownership

The HammerPak is an inherently simple automated side loader designed with fewer moving parts and fewer hydraulic components. The packing mechanism is actuated by a single roof-mounted hydraulic cylinder. Using a roof-mounted pack cylinder keeps the rod and seal out of the trash zone and thereby extends its expected life. The tailgate is opened using a single, roof-mounted cylinder. This robust cylinder replaces the two body side-mounted cylinders normally used to open a tailgate. One multi-stage cylinder is mounted in front of the hopper to lift the body and eject the load, similar to a dump truck. In total, the HammerPak has nearly 25% fewer hydraulic components than a standard automated side loader.

All-Electric Refuse Collection

Thanks to a partnership with BYD Motors, Curbtender Inc is able to integrate the HammerPak with an all-electric chassis platform. The HammerPak was designed from the ground-up to accommodate the special requirements of the electric powertrain. In particular, the HammerPak weighs thousands of pounds less than its competitors and requires less power to perform hydraulic functions. Curbtender’s competitors have focused on integrating their existing packers to electric trucks, which results in a unit less capable of performing regular refuse collection. Without reducing the weight and power consumption of the packer body, the payload and duty cycle of the electric refuse truck is greatly compromised. In contrast, Curbtender has focused on reducing weight and power consumption without compromising durability, performance, and payload capacity.

Clean-Up Under Control

Any piece of equipment that is controlled hydraulically is bound to have a hydraulic leak. The HammerPak utilizes a patented system for “HAZMAT curtailment,” or the reduction of environmental impact as a result of a hydraulic leak. The arm system, packing cylinder, tailgate cylinder, and many of the hydraulic hoses are contained within trays or channels in order to capture leaking oil and prevent it from spilling onto the road surface. Keep your customers happy and your headaches under control with the HammerPak’s HAZMAT curtailment system.

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