Curbtender, Inc. PowerPak Automated Side Loader

In 1978, the Curbtender was introduced as the Waste Industry’s first commercially produced automated side loader and has maintained its status as the industry standard bearer ever since. Now called the PowerPak, the ASL features 1,000 pounds per cubic yard compaction and the legendary 2,000 pound rated “PowerArm” lifting device. In addition, a 5-Year arm structural warranty comes standard on the PowerArm and is unrivaled by any competitor.

As a result, the PowerPak continues to be at the forefront of automated waste collection due to its reliable electronics and efficient hydraulic controls.

Air Over Hydraulic PLC

Simple yet robust, the PowerPak is available with an air-over-hydraulic system with a programmable logic controller. This 3rd generation PLC features a rugged mobile controller that can handle the severe shock and vibrations that refuse trucks experience. Many of our competitors instead use a delicately printed circuit board designed for industrial PLC systems.

Electronic Proportional Controls

Our electronic proportional controls option (EPC) is by far the most popular control system ordered by our customers. This feature-rich system allows smoother arm operation, driver customization, and on-board diagnostics. Taking a step into the digital age doesn’t require sacrificing reliability either. The PowerPak’s EPC system features a standard 5-Year warranty on operational controls.

Designed for Your Route

The PowerPak’s body features a 1,000 lbs per cubic yard compaction rating and a standard 5-year body structural warranty. Choose Full Ejection or Tip-to-Dump style according to your preference. A flat tailgate or bubble tailgate can be installed to create the ideal weight distribution for your region. Optional steel “wear liners” and heavy-duty follower panels are available for seriously heavy-duty routes. From the ground up, the PowerPak is designed to be a high-performance machine tailored to your needs.

CurbReady Trucks

Curbtender has partnered with its dealers to provide work-ready PowerPaks that fit your budget and meet your deadline. Customization is then performed locally according to your needs. The result is an incredible price thanks to dramatic production efficiencies. The best part? Your next PowerPak is ready when you need it, waiting at your local reseller’s lot. Learn more today!

A customer feature of Sutherlin Sanitary Service’s PowerPak automated side loader operating in beautiful Oregon.

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