Curbtender, Inc. VacPak

A garbage truck and a leaf collector converge to create a multi-purpose collection vehicle that every municipality can use. The VacPak is a refuse truck specifically designed for organics collection, food waste collection, yard waste collection, and rural or small-route refuse collection. The vacuum package is a bolt-on attachment that can be added or removed for seasonal collection of leaves.

Leaf Collection, With a Punch

Unlike traditional leaf collection machines, the VacPak is able to maximize the amount of leaves collected thanks to its packing mechanism. For most of the year this packing mechanism can be used to maximize trash payload. But during the fall months, its packing force helps to push the leaves into a condensed load as the vacuum pulls more leaves into the body.

Free to Wander

The VacPak’s vacuum hose boom articulates side-to-side with the use of a joystick, allowing the user to direct suction towards piles of leaves without the use of an assistant. The boom is controlled by the same rugged rotary hydraulic cylinder that Curbtender uses on its street sweeper gutter brooms.

Ready to Haul

The VacPak is a versatile manual side loading refuse truck. The body structure and compactor design is derived from the well-known TomCat side loader series manufactured by Curbtender Inc and Wayne Engineering for several decades. During the off season, the VacPak is designed to collect waste from either side and can be equipped with a variety of cart tippers or barrel lifters. The VacPak’s lightweight 18 cubic yard body has sidewalls made entirely of abrasion resistant metal to ensure years of productive service. Loads are ejected using a “full ejection” method rather than “tip-to-dump.”

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