Curbtender Sweepers, LLC Warrior® Street Sweeper

The Curbtender Warrior® is a PM10 certified single-engine, mechanical street sweeper.

Bite Off More

Dump less and sweep more. With an industry-leading 6.0 cubic yard volumetric hopper (5 cubic yard material volume), it’s hard for the Warrior to “bite off more than it can chew.” The Warrior’s powerful 68″ rear broom pushes dirt onto the conveyor’s solid synthetic rubber belt and is then carried by angled cleats into the hopper. No debris is falling between the cracks on this conveyor thanks to the gradual incline and solid belt design.

Gutter Minded

With an incredible amount of gutter broom tilt articulation available, the Warrior is able to dig out the dirtiest of gutters. The gutter brooms have easy in-cab control of speed, down pressure, tilt, and water spray. This allows the operator to quickly and easily adapt to any road surface condition or road crown. When sweeping is stopped or interrupted, the machine will remember the last used settings so that it can turn back on as desired with the press of one button. The Warrior becomes even more capable when equipped with Curbtender’s Vanguard front broom attachment.

Get Back Up, Quickly

The nature of a street sweeper is that parts will wear out and will have to be replaced. Service shops are well equipped to handle these simple mechanical fixes. But no one wants to hunt down time consuming and expensive electrical problems. That’s why all Curbtender Sweepers utilize multiplexed, CANBUS controls. These advanced and highly customizable controls allow the service technician to quickly analyze all sweeper electronics. In the diagnostics pages, the sweeper displays all electrical control inputs and outputs, as well as whether or not these components are sending or receiving a signal. This helps the technician to quickly identify what part needs to be replaced when it needs to be replaced. The CANBUS control system also greatly reduces the number of wires in the wire harness.

Alternative Fuels

The Warrior is ideally suited for Compressed Natural Gas configurations. In fact, a CNG Warrior is one of the few mechanical street sweepers that can meet California Bridge Law requirements. The CNG tanks are typically mounted behind the cab in a vertical enclosure.

Footage of a front mount broom being used on a Warrior sweeper, manufactured by Wayne Sweepers in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The front broom can articulate from side to side, change tilt angle, and change broom speed using in-cab controls.

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