Hi-Way XT3 Type II Multi-Purpose Dump Truck Body

The XT3 Type II multi-purpose dump truck body comes fully equipped for versatility – delivering the power to dump, spread, and haul in one high-performance machine. The front-discharge set-up lets operators spread materials in front of the drive tires for better traction. The quick-detach front spinner assembly adjusts for a consistent spread pattern, and the flat dump body floor lets operators haul virtually any material.

High Productivity

  • Front spreading capabilities
  • High-torque 25:1 gear case
  • 16.9” wide cross conveyor to handle more capacity than auger-feed or chute-style front discharge

Low Maintenance

  • 7-gauge grade 50 one-piece sides with radius design reduce material build-up
  • Sloped top rails on side sheets and headsheet add body support and prevent debris build-up on the rails
  • AR 400 steel conveyor floor for superior wear resistance
  • High volume liquid storage for pre-wet or anti-icing
  • 201 or 304 stainless steel construction
  • Pre-wet system
  • Toolbox, underbody pans, screens, ladder, conveyor cover, cab shield, oiler, lights, sideboards

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