Marathon AST-440 Stationary Twin Auger Compactor

The AST-440 Stationary Twin-Auger Compactors are a heavy-duty machine specifically designed for compacting large volumes of waste materials. This compactor is able to process large, bulky items without bridging in the hopper, and is commonly used for large industrial sites and production lines.

The AST-440 Stationary Twin-Auger Compactor is best suited for dry waste such as paper, cardboard, and wooden pallets. The twin 28” auger is a high-volume compactor with a throughput of up to 6 cubic yards per minute. Increased payloads reduce transportation costs and minimize waste storage space on site. The twin auger is ideal for material destruction and reduction of wooden pallets, crates, and furniture.

  • Eco-friendly, non-hydraulic system
  • Always moves material forward
  • Higher payloads on materials such as OCC, wooden pallets and crates, and other dry waste
  • Ideal for volume reduction of bulky items such as furniture
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Deck height of only 48” is better adapted for dock applications than other auger systems available
  • Unit can be used with conventional container openings

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