Marathon Cart Dumpers

The Marathon® Cart Dumpers can extend the benefits of compaction to all areas of your operation while minimizing equipment investments. Standard cart dumpers are designed to handle 2 and 4-cubic-yard “trainable” steel containers and most commercial containers.

Ground Level Cart Dumpers

Ground-level dumpers are used to dump containers at ground level into your stationary or self-contained compactor. They are ideal for park systems, shopping malls, and large or multi-building plants.

Cart dumpers are available in heavy-duty models that can handle gross loads up to 5,000 pounds.

Dock Level Cart Dumpers

Dock level dumpers are used to dump containers that are rolled directly onto a stationary compactor from self-contained units next to a dock. They are ideal for industrial plants where waste accumulates in many locations. Standard units are powered by a separate 3-hp, 3-gpm power pack with on/off controls and sustained manual pressure control. Heavy-duty units are powered by a 10-hp, 10-gpm power pack with electric controls. This enables the operator to effectively manage any stage of dumping.

Tilt Cart Dumpers

Tilt cart dumpers handle molded plastic tilt trucks. They are designed to hold the tilt truck during dumping without the need for mechanical locks.

Fork Style Dumpers

Marathon’s cart dumpers are available in standard or heavy-duty models. Heavy-duty cart dumpers are designed to handle gross loads up to 5,000 pounds.

In-Plant Trainable Containers

Marathon offers 2- and 4-cubic yard capacity cart/containers ruggedly designed for in-plant use. Using a towing vehicle to “train” the carts from various locations throughout a facility to the dumper locations reduces labor to a fraction of that required to perform the same job manually. They come standard with 1,000 lb. capacity polyurethane-tired casters.

Custom Engineered Dumpers

For applications with pre-existing or non-standard carts/containers, Marathon can design a custom dumper to meet your specifications and conform to applicable ANSI safety standards.

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