Marathon RJ-225 and RJ-225HD Stationary Compactors

The RJ-225 Stationary Compactors are your best compaction value. Built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial situations, it effectively reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. It is attractively priced and features a 56-second cycle time and powerful 55,100 lbs. (24.95 kg) maximum compaction force.

  • IEC motor starter
  • Heavier steel in key structural areas for heavy-duty construction – charge box floor and ram face, 1⁄2″ (12.7 mm) steel; ram top, 3⁄8″ (9.52 mm) steel; sides, 1⁄4″ (6.35 mm) steel plate.
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled motor. Quick-release motor mount on the side-mounted power unit for easy servicing and maintenance
  • TRICON Fullness Assurance System eliminates all but one limit switch. It also produces better compaction ratios by making the ram remain against the trash, reducing spring back. TRICON offers better cold-weather performance and extends the life of the compactor

RJ-225HD Stationary Compactor

The RamJet® RJ-225HD is specifically designed for tough waste-disposal applications. Heavy-duty features such as 1⁄2″ (12.7 mm) steel plate charge box floor over four 4″ (102 mm) steel channels; 1⁄2″ (12.7 mm) ram face plate backed with 10″ (254 mm) channels that incorporate T-1 placed in high-stress areas; 3⁄8″ (9.52 mm) ram top supported by eight heavy-duty formed cross members; and heavily reinforced charge box sides.

The RJ-225HD is ideally suited for industrial applications such as the disposal of skids and cartons and recycling OCC (old cardboard containers), paper, and similar materials. Electrical components, including the control box assembly, are UL® and CUL® listed. The 40 1⁄2″ (1029 mm) x 60″ (1524 mm) charge box is 33″ (838 mm) deep to make disposal fast and easy.

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