Marathon Side Eject Horizontal Balers

Side Eject Horizontal Balers are designed for applications requiring multi-material capability, and medium-throughput capacity where space is limited. The Side-Eject Horizontal Baler ejects the bale perpendicular to the baler utilizing the patented Bale Server Island. The server island fully ejects the bale and positions it to be easily picked up by a forklift or pallet jack.

  • Increased product value by eliminating contamination between bales as the operator changes materials being processed
  • Maximum bale weights with the Marathon┬« Bale-Made Indicator, which signals the bale is finished. No time-consuming “flag pole” or manual measuring device to compromise bale quality
  • Marathon’s exclusive front bale tie-off system allows the operator to quickly direct tie wires around the bale from the front of the baler. This eliminates the need to go behind the baler and loosen hanging wires that drag as a bale is made
  • Eliminates spillage commonly found with conventional balers. No need to double handle┬ámaterials being processed
  • Remove each bale from the bale chamber quickly and easily with Marathon’s patented Side-eject feature and Bale Server island. Unlike conventional balers that require an operator and forklift to free the bale from the end of the bale chamber, Marathon’s Side-Eject design provides consistent and complete bale ejection every time

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