Marathon Trash Commander® TANK Series Stationary Compactors

The Marathon® Trash Commander® TANK series stationary compactors are short yet powerful. Available in three capacities, the compact size of the TANK makes it ideal for dock- and chute-fed applications. It takes up to 35% less space than other compactors of similar capacity. And the two cross-cylinders produce compaction equal to larger-body compactors.

  • Compact size makes the TANK Series stationary compactors ideal for applications where space is limited, such as a dock-feed installation
  • Marathon’s patented CYCON Life-Xtender®-cyclic control system eliminates troublesome limit and pressure control switches. CYCON produces superior payloads and reduces trash removal cost
  • A tough, heavy-duty power frame that includes 1/2″ thick compaction chamber floor and ram faceplate, as well as liberal use of heavy, hot-rolled channels, angles, and bars
  • The breaker bar is a 6″ x 8″ x 1″ thick solid piece of hot-rolled angle steel
  • The compact length enables Marathon’s TANK to fit snugly against any structure
  • The two cross-cylinders produce compaction equal to larger body compactors
  • Durable construction with 1/2″ thick flooring and ram face
  • Superior clear top opening that’s 58” wide and up to 67.5” long
  • The compact size and 48″ loading height eliminates the need for platforms with hand and toe rails in many applications
  • The TANK also features the Signature Series Warranty: 3-years on structure, 2-years on components and 6 months on labor
  • The TANK uses a remote power unit

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