Perkins Manufacturing Company Trailer Satellite

The Perkins Satellite allows collection or distribution of 6 cubic yards of material (up to 5,000 lbs) using a trailer bed. Allows access to areas regular garbage trucks cannot. Use the Perkins Trailer Satellite in state parks, camping and beach locations, remote areas, missed pick-ups, food waste and organics collection, landscaping, gravel, soil and compost delivery, recycling programs, facility maintenance, and special events.

  • Description: US 2-Bar/European Type B/C (ANSI Z245.60-2008)
  • Mounting Height: Pick‐up truck bed height approx. 33 ¾” off ground

  • The Satellite System features your choice of cart lifter with US hooks or grabber-arm style.
  • The grabber arm lifter can lift a variety of container types, from 96 gallon carts to 55 gallon barrels.
  • Bins may be up to 400 lbs and cycle up and down in approximately 8 seconds.
  • The Perkins Trailer Satellite runs on a Honda gasoline generator, driving 8gpm hydraulic pump system.
  • Installation is simple requiring installing a few permanently mounted brackets.

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