Elgin Sweeper Company Crosswind1® Regenerative Air Sweeper

Elgin regenerative air sweepers give contractors, municipalities, and airports a powerful sweeper with versatility and productivity. The Elgin® Crosswind1® efficiently cleans large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. Mounted on the short-wheelbase of either conventional or cab-over chassis, the Elgin Crosswind1 is operated by simple rocker switches and equipped with all the essentials to get the job done right. A combination of a large 8 yd3 (6 m3) hopper and 240 gal (908 L) water tank, plus excellent fuel efficiency, allow maximum productivity between trips to dumping, re-watering, and fueling.

The Crosswind1 steps ahead as the market leader with innovative single-engine technology. This new easy-to-use design, with single button operation, will increase productivity and decrease maintenance time and costs. The Crosswind1 sweeper is also effective infrequent maintenance of permeable pavement. This sweeper is versatile and can easily pick up litter and chip seal. The large pickup head makes it desirable for many applications.

Why Crosswind

  • Superior dust suppression
  • Tilt body for traditional dumping of sweepings
  • Dual-engine platform with patented SharedPower technology available

The Crosswind1 Eliminates:

  • Maintaining two engines
  • Complex after treatment system, and maintenance
  • Untimely auxiliary engine regenerations
  • Cost exposure resulting from “missed” auxiliary engine regenerations
  • Cumbersome belt tensioning systems
  • Auxiliary engine noise and vibration

Crosswind1: Single-Engine

The Crosswind1® steps ahead as the market leader with innovative single-engine technology. This new easy-to-use design, with single button operation, will increase productivity and decrease maintenance time and costs.

Available for application-specific configurations: Crosswind1 FSX and Crosswind1 GRS.

FSX: Fast Sweeping

The Crosswind1 FSX is especially suited for airport sweeper applications that require high speed on the flat runway surface.

The Crosswind1 FSX “Fast Sweeping Crosswind” cleans at higher sweeping speeds on runways and features a turbocharged auxiliary engine and a unique pickup head. These sweepers include options such as heavy duty caster wheels for the pickup head and a powerful lateral side air blast (single or dual) which directs a concentrated, high-velocity air stream through an opening to clear away debris from protruding lights and other obstacles where side brooms can’t reach.

GRS: Glycol Recovery

The Elgin Crosswind1 GRS is especially suited for airport sweeper applications where glycol deicer is periodically required.

The Crosswind1 GRS, or Glycol Recovery Sweeper, features the standard Crosswind1 high-performance regenerative air sweeper equipped with an option for efficient capture and removal of environmentally damaging glycol and other deicing fluid run-offs on airport runways and gate locations. All sweeping gear and technology is left intact to quickly perform both the sweep and liquid pickup applications without compromise. The decant system allows the sludge-like material to be easily pumped off into proper receptacles.

CNG: Natural Gas

The Elgin Crosswind is available as an alternative fuel sweeper using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The Crosswind CNG features the standard Crosswind high-performance regenerative air sweeper but equipped to run both the chassis and auxiliary engine on CNG. The Crosswind CNG is available on a conventional chassis. Chassis are turn-key CNG ready, direct from the OEM, with the Cummins Westport L9N N-Gas engine.

The Crosswind CNG comes standard with 4 composite 3600 PSI tanks, ample 60 Diesel Gallon Equivalent (DGE) of fuel range, utilizing a reliable General Motors V8 spark ignited auxiliary engine rated at 124hp. This platform is especially suited for general street sweeping maintenance, large flat surfaces, leaves, and light road debris applications; in regions where CNG infrastructure is present and preferred – providing environmental benefits beyond sweeping streets.

Track Sweeper: NASCAR

The Crosswind Specialty Track Sweeper was designed exclusively for race track sweeping. It features a powerful fan, poly side brooms, a softwall hand vacuum, and a powerful side air blast. The Elgin Crosswind track sweeper has passed the most rigorous tilt tests required and has been extensively used during race events across the country for high-speed sweeping on highly banked tracks, removing oil absorbent material, and assisting in the drying of wet track areas.

The Elgin Crosswind Specialty Track Sweeper is especially suited for steeply banked race tracks in need of routine maintenance as well as race event sweeping and emergency response clean up.

Searching for a solution that eliminates maintaining and servicing an auxiliary engine on a regenerative air sweeper? The Crosswind1 eliminates all things associated with a diesel auxiliary engine, providing value to customers that extends beyond having one less engine.

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