GS-Products MP8000 M2-106 Dual Stand-UP Drive Combo

Why the MP8000/M2-106 DUAL STAND-UP Drive COMBO is the right choice over a conventional rear loader:

  • Reduced labor costs
  • Lower up front cost than low cab forward and/or drop frame configurations
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Less effort for crew
  • Safer-no riding on rear or side of vehicle
  • More efficient operation on dense city routes, in alleys, and on streets with on-street parking, dead ends or tight cul-de-sacs


Freightliner® M2-106 by Fyda Freightliner

The chassis has the best conventional cab maneuverability available with leading conventional cab stand-up drive visibility in the industry. The chassis has a reliable Cummins® ISL engine with a durable Allison® 3500 RDS six-speed transmission.


by Fontaine® Modification

The cab has convenient dual operating positions if needed. The unit has safe in-cab transit for workers from stop-to-stop with easy step, low-entry cab access on both sides. The unit has optional dual or single steering position(s).


by G-S Products

The body has large 1.5 cubic yard receiving hoppers with independent dual side loading allows two operators to load material at the same time. The unit has simultaneous dumping of carts, loose trash, compost, bagged trash, or single stream recycling from both sides. The unit has fuel efficient engine idle operation and is low maintenance with single cylinder loading operation (patented). The body is safe and stable with full eject horizontal unloading and has no telescopic cylinder. No chassis drop frame is required. Available in 13 to 37 cubic yard capacity in single, and tri-axle.

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