GS-Products SB8200 Split-Body Side Loader

The SB8200 Split-Body Side Loader was specifically designed to address customer needs for a single collection vehicle that can haul multiple commodities and eliminate the need for a second truck.

The SB8200 Split-Body Side Loader is made with the same level of detail and quality as our route-proven MP8000 unit, but is specifically designed for dual stream refuse collection routes. This 40/60 split body side loader is available in 24 to 42 cubic yard capacities with many custom configurations in a simple, easy to maintain unit.

What makes our split-body the safe and efficient choice? We first start with a large volume receiving trough that allows for both loose refuse and semi-automatic cart loading. In addition, the large capacity trough is capable of dumping two carts at the same time. The split hopper features a hydraulic crusher panel that pushes larger refuse (such as cardboard) down into the body.

The SB8200 Split Body Side Loader offers simultaneous packing with independent compartments that allow you to individually unload payloads at mixed-use recycling centers from inside the cab.

  • 50/50 Split Hopper Design: The split hopper independently keeps refuse and recyclables or two types of trash separated.
  • 40/60 Split Body Design: The body features two individual compartments with simultaneous packing and independent compartment horizontal unloading.
  • Standard Expandable Loading Trough: The expandable trough provides additional loading space plus makes it easier to load yard waste, bags and bulk items.
  • Smooth 8000 Family Series Body Panels: The smooth seamless side panels make it easy to personalize the body with graphics. Plus, smooth sides make cleaning easier.
  • User-Friendly Side Loading: The ergonomic design lessens operator fatigue. Reduces manpower to only one operator, but maintains an efficient route time.

Additional Features

  • Safe, efficient and stable with full eject horizontal unloading—no telescopic cylinder
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Fuel efficient engine idle operation
  • Low maintenance—single-cylinder loading operation (patented)
  • Manual and semi-automatic cart loading
  • LED body and work lights
  • No chassis drop frame requirement
  • One of the industries fastest loading cycle
  • Tandem section cast iron pump at 34 GPM or optional Vane pump at 34 GPM
  • Built with seamless Hardox® 450 steel:
    • Body floor, sides and roof
    • Hopper floor and sides
    • Packer guides, track and shoes

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