Marathon BlokPak 3000 Transfer System Compactor

The Marathon® high volume transfer station compactor systems can process up to 1749 cubic yards per hour and compact materials directly into transfer trailers. Multiple options are available to suit various applications.

The BlokPak 3000 Transfer System is Marathon’s largest transfer system compactor. It compacts waste against a vertical gate, forming a 10-foot (3-meter) log in the compaction chamber. Each log is then ejected into the transfer trailer. The BlokPak continues this process until the maximum payload is achieved. When the trailer is full, the BlokPak can continue to be fed while changing trailers, saving valuable time.

Marathon’s Transfer System Compactors can be fitted with a variety of options, such as trailer connection systems, to suit your application. The hydraulic scissor extends to connect to the trailer’s vertical pin latch. The hydraulic grab claws hold the trailer, using their side pockets. Marathon also manufactures EZ-TRAX® Conveyors for an efficient way to feed your transfer system. Load cells can be utilized to keep track of the weight as the compaction trailer is being loaded to maximize payloads.

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