Marathon EZ-Trax® Conveyors

Marathon® offers custom-engineered conveying systems to handle a wide variety of bulky materials and scrap-handling applications. These range from light-duty sliderbeds to heavy duty steelbelt conveyors and complete turn-key Material Recovery Facility (MRF) systems.

  • Combination belt conveyors: Heavy-duty conveyors that feature a chain drive system incorporated with a rubber belt for medium- to high-volume applications ranging from 5 to 30 tons per hour.
  • Sliderbed conveyors: Friction-driven conveyors with a belt supporting bed for low- to medium-volume bulk material handling applications. these conveyors can be used for baler and compactor feeds, sorting lines, and components of a MRF system.
  • Hinge steelbelt conveyors: Ideal for medium- to heavy-duty applications such as precrusher or compactor feeds, paper, solid waste, large scrap baler feeds, and mixed waste lines.
  • Apron conveyors: For the most demanding, high-impact, heavy-duty operations such as transfer stations, scrap, MSW and c&D lines, mixed waste lines, and abrasive materials.
  • Trough conveyors: Designed to convey material at a higher speed. the rubber belt rides on angled rollers or idlers that form a trough. used for light- to medium-duty balers, compactors, and shredder feeds.

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