Marathon Model 3A and Model 5A Mini-Mac® Apartment Compactor

The Mini-M.A.C.® apartment compactor is a small, yet powerful compactor that can fit in areas where space is limited, such as trash rooms of apartments and high-rise buildings. It is commonly used in conjunction with a chute feed system in multi-storied buildings.

The Mini-M.A.C. is a low-cost system designed for use with small (2 yd.) containers and for installation in high-rise buildings. Use this product for weekly waste volumes of less than 150 un-compacted cubic yards.

  • 4:1 compaction ratio over un-compacted waste receptacles
  • Remote power unit
  • Convenient single-side ratchet
  • Push-button controls mounted in the panel box face
  • Hopper with access door and interlock for hand-feed or chute-feed applications
  • Photoelectric cycle control
  • Full container light
  • CYCON Life-Xtender™ Cyclic Control System that offers reliable, solid-state circuitry eliminating pressure and limit switches

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