O’Brian Magnum-XD: Extreme Duty Tarp System

What makes the magnum tarp system, an extreme duty tarp system?

  • 3/4″ Solid Steel Upper Elbow
  • 35% Additional steel under pivot point of lower arm with an interlocking plate design
  • Titan Tarp Mesh material is the strongest tarp mesh used on roll offs and hook lift trucks
  • Interlocking pivot assembly
  • All pivot points are self-lubricating, eliminating time and money over or under greasing
  • Upper arm deflectors prevents arm damage from bowed containers and compactor hinges
  • The approximate installed weight is 1250 lbs.

  • Redesigned elbow made out of solid 3/4” plate steel
  • Allows upper arm to articulate without side scrub
  • Increased welding surface area and more steel at pivot point makes for a stronger elbow joint
  • Stronger elbow joint equals longer bushing life
  • Less downtime, less lost revenue, more productivity
  • O’Brian Tarping Systems PREMIUM mesh material for automated tarping systems
    • Weighs over 18oz per square yard
    • The Titan mesh is 55% heavier than our standard 11×11 mesh
    • Tensile grab strength is 84% higher than our previously standard 11×11 mesh
  • Redesigned offset cylinder linkage has 35% more material under the main pivot, making it substantially stronger
  • Reengineered design has the parts interlocking together like a jigsaw, allowing for more steel to be used, better weld penetration and more consistent parts quality
  • New design is backwards compatible! NO need to inventory or keep up with model breaks
  • Main pivot assembly also received the jigsaw redesign
  • Side, bottom and top plates interlock together first and then are welded together
  • Arm stop now interlocked into side plates and welded instead of just welded in, can take substantially more abuse for longer periods of time.
  • Produces a higher quality, consistent, stronger design that spreads tarper loads out more efficiently

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