Pac-Mac® Chassis Mounted Leaf Collector

The Pac-Mac® Leaf Vacuum System is a self-contained leaf vacuum unit available in both chassis mounted, trailer-mounted, and hook lift mounted options.

  • Capacity: 25/30 cu. yd.
  • Container Length: 204 in.
  • Drive Skid Length: 78 in.
  • Overall Length: * dependent on chassis
  • Empty Weight: 12,500 lbs.
  • Container and Drive Skid Combined Weight: 10,500 lbs.
  • Frame to Highest Point: * dependent on chassis

  • Self-contained for one person operation
  • Hydraulic drive offers smooth engine to fan coupling with no maintenance to clutches or belt drives
  • 5 micron return filtration
  • Strobe lighting in front and rear
  • Robust latch to lock stowed boom for travel
  • Leaf container is vented towards the bottom, street side
  • Removable expanded metal container vent coverings for ease of cleaning
  • Rear view camera
  • Boom view camera
  • Barn door or hydraulic single door
  • 3 way remote operated boom (trailer-mounted only)
  • Hydraulic jack or manual jack (trailer-mounted only)
  • Carbon paint option
  • 15,780 lbs. for a trailer mounted unit
  • Bucket seats when hydraulic control option is chosen
  • Cab to axle (CA):186 in. (25 CY), 210 in. (30 CY)
  • Minimum after frame: 40 in.
  • Front axle: 12 K
  • Rear axle: 21 K
  • GVW: 33 K
  • Frame strength: 110,000 psi
  • Dual or right hand steering for curbside view during operation, bucket seats preferred

Body Construction


  • 12 ga. side ribs / 24 in. spacing


  • 3/16 in. / 4 in. joists / 24 in. spacing


  • Barn doors
  • Top hinged door


  • DOT compliant LED lighting and markers
  • Two oval strobe lights front and rear

Performance Specifications


  • 74 HP Kubota Tier 4

Engine Controls/Digital Readout

  • On/Start/Off switch, throttle, RPM, oil pressure, temperature, and safety shutdown in the event of low oil pressure or over heating

Hydraulic Drive

  • Variable displacement hydraulic pump provides power to all hydraulic functions


  • 32 in. 6 blade constructed of wear resistant high strength steel


  • Replaceable design made from 0.25 in. thick, wear resistant high strength steel

Hinged Inlet Door

  • Quick access to fan without removing the hose


  • Curb-side mounted extendable up to 8 ft, 3-way, hydraulic boom operation via the in-cab joystick


  • All engine and hydraulic operations are controlled in the cab
  • Wireless control option

Intake Hose

  • Wear resistant 16 in. dia.

Container Hoist

  • 48.5° tilt using two double acting dump cylinders

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