O’Brian Skyhook™ Tarper

February 11, 2021

No multi-stage cylinders or pulleys and cables to maintain. Simple: Raise gantry & pull tarp operation; easy to install. Economical: Value-driven armless tarping system, low maintenance. Versatile: Fits peak loads and containers of multiple heights. Ideally suited for narrow streets and tight alleys.

O’Brian Duracover™ Series Tarping System

February 11, 2021

Semi-Automatic Tarping System Ideal for the company with all of their containers being the same size. How simple can it be? Simply raise the gantry, deploy the tarp over the load and lower the gantry. An enclosed pivot bracket houses the spring assembly which protects from breakage and can double as a fender support bracket. …

O’Brian Autocover II-CH Tarping System

February 11, 2021

Workhorse of the automatic tarping systems The lower pivot points incorporate the master/slave cylinder system for precise controlled arm movement. Double-acting cylinders are utilized on the upper arms. Our patented pivoting elbow upper arms enable the operator when the container is all the way forward to place the roller on the rear of the container …

O’Brain OTS™ Tarping System

February 11, 2021

Best valued automatic tarping system Pre‐plumbed modular assembly for fast & easy installation. All pivot points utilize a thorough nut with a tap bolt for precise, even arm torque and incorporate multiple grease zerk fittings for proper pivot lubrication and maintenance. NO VALVING (diverters or divider combiners) required for proper arm sequencing or adjustable controls …

O’Brian Magnum-XD: Extreme Duty Tarp System

February 11, 2021

What makes the magnum tarp system, an extreme duty tarp system? 3/4″ Solid Steel Upper Elbow 35% Additional steel under pivot point of lower arm with an interlocking plate design Titan Tarp Mesh material is the strongest tarp mesh used on roll offs and hook lift trucks Interlocking pivot assembly All pivot points are self-lubricating, …

O’Brian Diablo Roll-Off Hoist Tarping System

January 6, 2021

Lowest Profile Arms in the Industry Arms below and in front of the majority of all containers and compactors eliminating the 2 out of 3 things that damage a tarp system. Lightest weight, fully adjustable, fully hydraulic tarp system with an installed weight of 850 pounds. Get back the weight capacity you lost with the …