Bakers Waste Equipment, Inc Front Load Containers, Dumpsters

“The BWE Design” is a premium designed front-load container that matches or surpasses all standard ANSI specifications found in units offered in the market today, plus additional, innovative features that can extend the useful life significantly beyond that of an average container. These units are still competitively priced to maximize container value.

For example, the exclusive “Bakers Guard” protective coating which is applied to the full interior and exterior understructure, provides extra durability and extended life saving companies money in refurbishment and bottom replacement costs.

“Bakers Guard” Protective Coating

  • This exclusive, rust-inhibiting coating is a blend of asphalt petroleum and coal tar pitch materials and resins dispersed in petroleum solvents
  • Surface coating combines good abrasion resistance with good anti-corrosion properties
  • When applied to metal surfaces, a barrier film is formed, thereby extending the useful life of the treated metal.
  • The formula is environmentally friendly and has been tested
  • The coating is sprayed on the full interior of front-load containers with 6-8mil coverage at the bottom, then tapering to 4 mil up the sides to the top….much thicker coverage versus the industry standard 2 mil primer thickness
  • The result: the container will last on average 3-5 years longer before it needs a bottom replacement saving 100’s of dollars over the life of the container

FL8NBF (8yd) Notch Back / Notch Front

  • Notch Back – supports lid when fully open, prompts lid to close during dump cycle, no lost capacity
  • Notch Front – provides higher sleeve location for better balance and better truck cab clearance when dumping plus the top portion of the container does not go as deep into the truck hopper when dumping reducing the chance of lid and lid lock damage

Fork Pockets

  • 7 ga Blunderbuss Fork Guides – provides pocket protection and easier access by the truck forks
  • Pocket sleeves has structural gussets on top and bottom for extra durability
  • Solid welded “no step plates” on top of the pockets for safety and additional structural strength

Bottom Runners

  • Full length (front to back) runners (2 x 4 x 10ga)
  • End caps extend upfront and back panels for additional structural integrity against collapse
  • End caps have drain holes allowing water to escape and which would cause internal corrosion

Integral Door Tracks

  • Integrated formed “W“channels on top rails create the top tracks for the sliding doors
  • Integrated formed channel into the side panels creates the bottom tracks for the doors
  • These integrated formed channels result in stronger, more durable door tracks plus being they are not welded on like most other models, they are no welds to corrode, rust, and drip down the side walls.

Exterior Paint

  • 2mil primer coat + 2 mil paint coat protects the container against premature corrosion
  • Paint is an industrial enamel (not water-based) with high solids and excellent coverage
  • UV resistant properties are blended into the paint formulas to protect against the sun and fading
  • A large inventory of paint colors to select from are available to choose from and color matching is also an option upon request

General Product Specifications

  • Walls – 12 gauge steel w/ “V” crimps
  • Floor – 10 gauge steel
  • Sleeves – 7 gauge “blunderbuss” w/ gussets
  • Bumper Plates – 7 gauge steel
  • Bottom Runners – 2 x 4 x 10 gauge steel
  • Side Doors – Lockable 16 gauge steel
  • Integrated, Formed Doors Tracks (top and bottom)
  • Drain Port (1.5″) w/ plug
  • Lids – single or double-wall plastic
  • Interior Protective Coating – Exclusive “Bakers Guard”
  • Exterior Coating – 2mil primer + 2mil industrial enamel

Heavy Duty Upgrade Specifications

  • Walls – 10 gauge steel w/ “V” crimps
  • Floor – 7 gauge steel

Optional Features

  • Plastic Side Doors (vs. steel)
  • Metal Lids (vs. plastic)
  • Automatic or Manual Lid Locks
  • OCC (Cardboard) Recycle Slot (6″ x 60″)
  • Standard Mobile Casters
Model Width Depth Height PDF
FL-2 71″ 38-1/8″ 36-1/2″ FL2
FL-3 71″ 43″ 52-1/2″ FL3
FL-4 71″ 54″ 50″ FL4
FL-4 NB 71″ 54″ 50″ FL4NB
FL-6 NB 71″ 66-1/4″ 62″ FL6NB
FL-6 SNB 71-1/2″ 67″ 63-1/2″ FL6SNB
FL-8 NBF 71″ 73-3/4″ 81″ FL8NBF
FL-8 SNB 71-1/2″ 72-1/2″ 72-1/2″ FL8SNB
FL-610 NBF 71″ 71-3/4″ 93″ FL10NBF

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